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Monroe M. Diefendorf focuses his writing on the importance of developing one's 3 Dimensional Wealth. His most recent book, A Better Way, was released in 2013. A Better Way emphasizing the importance of a purposeful trust. 

3 Dimensional Wealth was released June 2005. This book, authored by Monroe M. Diefendorf, Jr. and Robert S. Madden, sends you on a journey that will help turn your life of success into a life of significance. Discover how your Personal, Financial and Social wealth can be captured, enhanced, protected and preserved. 

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3 Dimensionial Alpha

How to measure a client's "total" wealth managment desires and an advisor's "total" wealth management capabilities.

     IMCA Publication:      3 Dimensional Alpha: Value Added

Internet Radio Programming

This syndicated talk show is hosted by Roey Diefendorf.  Various topics were discussed and how they relate to your "3 Dimensional WealthTM."  Below is a list of past shows.  You may "tune in" to our previous broadcasts by selecting the highlighted host's name and date.  

Listing of World-Wide Show Times

"3 Dimensional Wealth® - What's it all about?"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 06/07/2004 with special guest, Robert S. Madden, CLU, ChFC, CFP

"The Certified 3 Dimensional Wealth Practitioner (C3DWP) Designation"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/29/2004 with Mark A. Carver, M.Div., Th.M., M.Re., C.S.D., PhD

"The Future of the Finacial Planning Profession"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 6/13/2005 with Shayne Ruffing, CLU, ChFC, AEP

"Live at the MDRT - Part I"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 8/8/2005 with MDRT Members in New Orleans, LA

"Live at the MDRT - Part II"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 8/15/2005 with MDRT Members in New Orleans, LA

"The Ideal Legacy Advisor"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf 0n 10/25/2005with Mark Zesbaugh, Ken Dychtwald and Shawn Hurley

"Live at the FPA"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/31/2005 with FPA Members in San Diego, CA

Personal Wealth 

"The American Legacies Study"  Host: Roey Diefendorf on 12/12/2005 with Elyse Pellman

"Practice Transformation: From CPA to C3DWP"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 1/23/06 with Kenneth K. Dillenbeck, Jr., CPA, CLU, ChFC, C3DWP

"The Client Centered Advisor"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 7/24/06 with Barbara Culver

"3 Dimensional Wealth - The Book"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 12/13/2004 with Peter Reganato

"Legenis:  Creating Your Living Legacy"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 8/13/07 with Robb Musgrave, PhD

"The Tree of Life Childrens Village:  Venture Philanthorpy"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 9/10/07 with Greer Kendall   

"A Four Score Perspective on 3 Dimensional Wealth"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 06/14/2004 with special guest, Monroe M. Diefendorf, Sr., CLU, ChFC

"The Family Legacy Manuscript"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 06/21/2004 with Mark A. Carver, M.Div., Th.M., M.Re., C.S.D., PhD

"The On-Purpose Person - In 3 Dimensions"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 07/19/2004 with Kevin McCarthy 

"The Family Retreat"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 08/09/2004 with Mark A. Carver, M.Div., Th.M., M.Re., C.S.D., PhD & Monroe Diefendorf, Sr., CLU, ChFC

"Integrating the 3 Dimensions of your Wealth"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on  08/30/2004 with Greer Kendall

"Risk Control Strategies in 3 Dimensions"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 09/13/2004 with Paul Viollis, PhD 

"Counseling: The Missing Piece in Financial Planning"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 09/20/2004 with Mark A. Carver, M.Div., Th.M., M.Re., C.S.D., PhD

"The Family Business: Is it a family or is it a business?"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 12/06/2004 with Warren Trunz

"10 Financial Tips to Impart to your Children"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 3/21/2005 with Thayer Chatam Willis

"Life Planning for planning one's life"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 3/28/2005 with Cicily Maton, EA, CFP

"Say a Little Prayer: 101 Common Ways to Pray"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 5/23/2005 with Joanne Redmond

"Identity Theft: How Vulnerable Are You?"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 6/20/2005 with Paul Viollis, PhD

"The On-Purpose Business"  Roey Diefendorf on 7/25/2005 with Kevin McCarthy

"Coffee at Luna's: A Business Fable"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 8/22/2005 with Chuck Martin

"Health and Wealth Connections"  Host: Roey Diefendorf on 9/12/2005 with Barbara O'Neill, PhD

"Mircle Power of Life Changing Books"  Host: Roey Diefendorf on 10/3/2005 with Charlie "Tremendous" Jones, CPAE, RFC

"Future Impact:  Your Legacy Passport"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/17/2005 with Ed Ledford, CLU, RFC

"Before Physical Rehab:  Steps to Preventative Health"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/7/2005 with Seth Ben-Yishay

"Family First"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/21/2005 with Jeffrey Karges, MA, MFT

"Adventure Travel:  Transfering wealth from the money bank to the memory bank"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/28/2005 with Barbara Banks

"Discover the Wonder of Home Education"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 1/9/06 with Ihab Labib Saad

"Dress for Success"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 1/16/06 with Victor Scognamiglio

"From Day One"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 2/27/06 with Bill White

"Life Coaching"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 6/19/06 with Joanne Goldman

"Wealth: Grow It, Protect It, Spend It, Share It"  Host: Roey Diefendorf on 5/22/06 with Stuart Lucas 

"A New Man Code"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/2/06 with David O. Smith

"Master Parenting"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/9/06 with Debbie Bedell & Andrea Holmes

"eLifePlans:  Building a roadmap for your life"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/20/06 with David Bush

"One of The Deadliest Sin:  Sloth - It's literally killing you"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 12/11/06 with Vonda Wright, MD

"Goal Setting:  How to make the most of your Personal Wealth"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 12/18/06 with Jason Womack, MEd, MA

Financial Wealth 

"Fee Based Financial Planning - Process over Product"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 07/05/2004 with J. Edward Cox

"Retirement Planning for Financial Independence"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 07/12/2004 with Eugene Schloss & Alan Pfeffer

"Annuities: 101, 201 & 301"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 07/26/2004 with Robert Hock

"Investing in Hedge Funds: Strategies for Risk Management"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 08/02/2004 with Russell Abbott

"Frequently Made Mistakes in Financial Planning with Practical Real Life Solutions"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 08/16/2004 with Thomas C. Palumbo, CLU, ChFC 

"Capitalizing Your Account Receivables"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/04/2004 with Leonard Critcher, PhD, CLU, ChFC

"Special Needs Planning needs special planning"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/11/2004 with Francis "JR" Burke, Jr., CLU, ChFC

"Elder Care Planning needs careful planning"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 4/25/2005 with Penny Kassel, Esq.

"You can "bank" on this asset - Your Personal Banker"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/18/2004 with Daniel Rowe

"The Alternative Board"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/1/04  with Stephen Davies

"Frequently Made Mistakes in Estate Planning with Practical Real Life Solutions"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/08/2004 with Joann Palumbo, Esq.

"Estate Litigation: How to avoid the family nightmare" Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 4/4/2005 with John Morken, Esq. 

"Frequently Made Mistakes in Life Insurance Planning with Practical Real Life Solutions" Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 6/6/2005 with Allan Mendels, CLU, ChFC

"Tough Management"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf - 7/11/05 with Chuck Martin

"Bullet-proofing your Retirement Plan"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 8/1/2005 with Thomas C. Palumbo, CLU, ChFC

"Protecting your wealth when disability strikes"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 9/19/2005  with Rob Ingber, CLU

"Protecting your wealth when Long Term Care is necessary"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 9/26/2005 with Mario Sestito, CLTC

"Financial DNA"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 2/6/06 with Hugh Massie

"Small Giants:  Companies That Choose To Be Great Instead Of Big"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/6/06 with Norman Brodsky

"Life Settlements:  The exit plan for your life insurance policy"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/27/06 with Andy Hyman

"Smarts: Are we hardwired for success?"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 1/12/07 with Chuck Martin

"7 Secrets of Great Entreprenurial Masters"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 4/16/07 with Allen Fishman

"The Future of Financial Planning"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 6/4/07 with Ivan Roten, PhD, CFP and the 2007 IARFC Financial Planning Competition Winners from Appalachian State University - Jack Barton, Darren Caputo, Clayton Quamme and Kyle Slagle

"Estate Planning for the Post Transition Period"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/1/07 with Vic Preisser

"ESOPS: The Ultimate Exit Strategy Tool for the Private Business Owner"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/8/07 with Greg Sheets & Shane Snively

"ESOPS Revisited"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/15/07 with Sam Torolopoulos, CPA-ABV & Greg Sheets

"The Branding Idea:  A brand new way to run your company"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 12/10/07 with Chip Evans

Social Wealth

"Micro-Enterprise / Venture Philanthropy"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/15/2004 with Molly Pickall

"Philanthropic Estate Planning"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/22/2004 with Charles Miller & Cathy Milner

"Instant Persuasion"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 3/14/2005 with Laurie Puhn, JD

"Comfort Zone Camp"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 8/29/2005 with Lynne Hughes

"Philanthropy:  Give me a reason to give"  Host: Roey Diefendorf on 10/24/2005 with Debbie & Seth Tinkler and Randy Fox

"Growing Socially Responsible Kids"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 11/14/2005 with Jack Crabtree

"From Me to We"  Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 12/19/2005 with Marc Kielburger

"The Abundant Life Project"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 4/3/06 with Dr. Jeff Standridge

"Ethics & Values"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 6/26/06 with S. Truett Cathey and Charlie "Tremendous" Jones

"Philanthropy: More than giving"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 7/12/06 with Renata Rafferty & Bob Thompson

"The Advisors Project"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 7/31/06 with Jerry Chasen

"Lift Up America"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 9/11/06 with David Smith & Tom Palumbo C3DWP

"Passionaires:  Turning Compassion Into Action"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 3/12/07 with Barbara Metzler

"Ethical Wills"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 9/17/07 with Barry Baines, MD

"What's New In Philanthropy"   Host:  Roey Diefendorf on 10/22/07 with Paul Schervish

The 2007 AiP Legacy Series 

"Beating The Midas Curse" - Richard Brownstein  6/25/07

"Small Giants" - Norm Brodsky 11/6/06

"The Heritage Process" - Rod Zeeb 5/7/07

"The Generation Connection Process" - Jerry Nuerge 5/21/07

"Legacy Planning From The Heart" - Alan Pratt  6/18/07

The 2006 Legends Series

Paul Shevlin 5/8/06                      "Dief" Diefendorf 6/5/06 

Bill Wallace 2/13/06                       Ed Morrow 3/6/06 

David Smith 3/13/06                      Al Coletti 3/20/06 

Lou Dicerbo 4/10/06                      Jim Morgan 4/17/06

Bob Savage 4/24/06                      Tom Wheeler 5/1/06 

The Chuck Martin Moment

5:30 - 5:45 pm EST

2/27/06                3/27/06                4/24/06

5/22/06                6/26/06                7/24/06 

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