Our Story

3 Dimensional Wealth Advisory - Our Story

3 Dimensional Wealth has a rich heritage revolving around family. Diefendorf Capital was founded by Warren T. Diefendorf in 1875, the Diefendorf legacy has been maintained by Warren E. Diefendorf, Monroe M. Diefendorf, Sr. and now Monroe M. Diefendorf, Jr. On February 7, 2014 Diefendorf Capital became 3 Dimensional Wealth Advisory to to maintain the sustainability of the firm into the 22nd century. 

Fostering a culture with a strong focus on family, 3 Dimensional Wealth's goal is to strengthen families, not just by addressing their financial wealth, but by looking at their total wealth, including their personal and social wealth - their "3 Dimensional Wealth." Through a foundation of four generations of Diefendorfs our 3 Dimensional Wealth team has expanded to a family of companies in New York, North Carolina, and South Dakota. 

                    Diefendorf Family 1875                                                 Diefendorf Family Present Day








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